Classic XO

Du Peyrat Organic Classic XO is a soft on the palate and elegant blend of organic cognacs aged to a minimum of 10 years

This blend of organic cognacs gathers the best of Fins-Bois and Petite-Champagne crus taking roots in the cognac region whilst showcasing the aromatic potential of Folle Blanche grape variety paired with Ugni-blanc. To achieve a wide palette of aromas and a great maturation potential, this Cognac has been distilled in our traditional charentais pot-stills using wine lies and following our signature fatty distillation process.

Vine, oak, time and a bit of craftsmanship make this cognac a classic for anyone wishing to discover the world of XOs while supporting a respectful and sustainable approach to winegrowing.

Tasting Notes

Colour:  Golden Dark  Amber

Nose : Rich,  spicy, hints of walnuts

Palate :  very soft,  with elements of died fruits and chocolate

40%  ABV  / 750 ML

Certified  Organic by the USDA  & ECOCERT

USDA Organic logotype
Organic Logo label


“Golden in the glass, the dried apricot aroma includes a smoky tinge. The palate echoes the dried apricot note, layering it with vanilla, cinnamon and clove. It finishes rounded and mouthwatering.” – 92 points.