We are strongly committed to organic production methods since 1998, the year in which Jean-Francois Rault decided upon transitioning from conventional winegrowing. Today, we are proud to offer a range of critically acclaimed Organic Cognac, as a testimony for years of careful and sustainable crafting. All our products are controlled and certified organic following the European Union and USDA standards.

Organic Selection

Fresh and Surprisingly Round Blend of Cognacs aged 4 years Old

Organic Rare VSOP

Subtle and fruity Cognac, nose generous with vanilla, plum and apricot aromas, aged to a minimum of 7 years old

Organic Classic XO

Smooth and Elegant blend of Organic Cognacs aged to a minimum of 10 years inFrench Oak Barrels


Very smooth blending of 12 years old minimum spirits, mostly originating from Petite Champagne, very rare Organic Cognac