Du Peyrat Organic XO

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40 % ABV


75 CL

It takes a minimum 12 years ageing alternately in young then old french oak barrels to achieve this incredibly smooth and elegant Cognac. With its great diversity of aromas, its long and dry finish with accents of cocoa, tobacco, saffron & leather, we trust you will find this Du Peyrat Organic XO a delicious product to enjoy “on the rocks” or straight by itself. We are proud to offer a mature Cognac entirely made from organically grown grapes, as certified by Ecocert and the USDA organic standards.


Intensity, fruit notes of orange peal , spicy  vanilla and cynamon


Soft , evoluting to nutmeg and candied plum. Complex with Charentais “rancio”.
Elegant with woody notes


All our Cognacs are distilled in traditional “Charentais” copper pot stills, heated with direct flame, following the distillerie’s signature fatty distillation process. The distilling of our Cognac is performed in two batches, we source wines directly from our own estate located in the Fins-Bois region and from the vineyards of our winegrower partners, all managed according to organic production methods. Our Cognacs are crafted without using synthetic chemicals, with a specific attention for the preservation of local environment and biodiversity. To learn more about Organic Cognac & Cognac Distillation, you can check-out our article about Making Cognac.


“In the glass, it glows a warm amber hue with bright copper reflections. The fragrance is complex and alluring with orange peel and pumpkin pie spices, dark rum and brown sugar, maraschino cherry and vanilla bean, dark chocolate and roasted walnut — and so much more. The entry is smooth with flavours that mirror the fragrance and resonate on the finish for ages. Riveting.” 

“It is a lovely golden colour, clear and crisp. The smoky nose has notes of black pepper and spice, with hints of chocolate, cherry and perhaps a little maple”
“Tawny / ocher color; impeccably clean. Initial whiffs detect dry but charred aromas of braised meat, brown sugar, honey glazed ham, and rum barrel; secondary inhalations following more aeration encounter equally deep fragrances of cherry wood, pipe tobacco, and meringue. Entry is supple in texture, more bittersweet than dry, and reminiscent of dried figs and / or dates; midpalate accentuates the acute bittersweet aspect via flavors of nougat, candied walnut, dates, chamomile, and dark caramel candy. Finishes long, intensely bittersweet, peppery / spicy, and toasted.”
“…this is a beauty, rich in Sherry and birch beer-like notes, dappled with cinnamon and allspice. The dry finish suggests accents of cocoa and leather.” 97 points