Environmental ResponsIbility

Our commitment to producing Cognac in the most sustainable way

What does organic Winegrowing mean?

Organic winegrowing aims at maintaining healthy soils, supporting biodiversity and generally speaking protecting the environment by excluding the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and guaranteeing a GMO free production. In a more practical way, this means applying a series of practices in our vineyards day to day management:

  • Seeding vineyards with weeds such as lucerne to fertilise soils, control the expansion of competing weeds, but also offer wildlife a friendly habitat, in turns balancing insects population harmful to the vine  such as aphids.
  • Using natural alternatives such as copper spraying to protect vineyards from common fungal diseases.
  • Using manual weeding & weeding machines to protect vine trunk and roots rather than herbicides.
  • Fertilizing soils using natural inputs like animal compost.
All our products are controlled and certified organic according to the Ecocert and USDA standards respectively within Europe & the USA.

Protection of natural habitat & biodiversity

We are observing a general shrinking of wildlife populations throughout Europe, in particular with declining numbers of insects, bees, birds, rodents species – yet, these are essentials to maintaining the natural balance in our countrysides and we believe, crucial to guarantee the future of our activity as winegrowers. To support local biodiversity, we have engaged in a program of hay planting to serve as shelters for wildlife – endemic tree varieties such as dogwood, hazel tree, medlar tree, Hornbeam and others have already been planted over half a kilometer along our vineyards in 2019 and the plan is to carry on expanding these tree hays over time. 

Energy Management

Although there is no current alternative to gas energy for the flaming of our pot stills during the distillation process, we aim at compensating our energy requirements by producing our own solar electricity. As of today, 300 square meters of solar panels have been laid on the roofs of our premises, producing up to 35,000 Kwh a year – which amounts to the yearly consumption of gaz and electricity for 2.3 average European households. 

Working with local communities of organic Wine Growers

We are deeply commited to the quality and sustainability of our « eaux-de-vie ». For that reason, we only source grapes from organically grown wineyards, thanks to our network of trusted partners from the organic wines producers association. 

Water and waste management

By legal requirement, the distillery is compelled to recycling distillation residues and using a closed cooling water for the condensation of alcohol vapors. These processes guarantee a minimum use of fresh source water but also avoid pollutions of local rivers and water tables with distillation waste.