Our Craft

Organic Cognac in the Making


We are deeply commited to the quality and sustainability of our « eaux-de-vie ». For that reason, we only source grapes from organically grown wineyards, thanks to our network of trusted partners from the organic wines producers association. We also are strongly commited to organic production methods since 1998, the year in which Jean-Francois Rault decided upon converting the integrality of his wineyards to organic. Today, we are proud to count ourselves amongst the key distillers when it comes to the production of organic  spirits in the region.

Althought our spirits are made in our traditional Cognac pot stills, we like to use a singular distillation process directly inherited from our family know-how and inspired from the works of Pierre Voisin. We typically blend spirits that are discarded in most distillation methods and believe these “imperfects” actually benefit the maturation process of our spirits by granting aromatic richness. This method known as “Fatty Distillation” requires a flawless wine selection in the first place, in turn rewarding our Cognacs with a genuine supple palate, especially for the younger ones. Our Spirits result from a long tradition of distillation and attentive crafting – for this reason we trust you will find our products unique and atypical!
Our Cognacs are aged in oak barrels originating from Limousin forest. The maturation process starts with fresh casks where the young « eaux-de-vie » will be resting for at least twelve months – these new barrels will give our Cognacs their sophisticated amber color, but also grant characteristical wood tannins and vanilla aromas. Once this first step completed, the spirits are shifted to old barrels where they will acquire refined and spicy flavours in the course of their maturation. As the Distillery is located close by a small river, our ageing process benefits from humid conditions that greatly contribute to improving the quality of our organic Cognacs year after year.